Completed Projects | References

Gaziantep GASKİ WWTP Sludge Landfill Design
Konya Closed Basin Master Plan- Water Demand Study
Gaziantep Environmental and Health Safety Management Plans for Urban Transportation Project
Mardin WWTP Feasibility, Design and Preparation of IPA Application Package Revision with extended boundaries
Mardin Waste Water Treatment Project Feasibility, Design and Preparation of IPA Application Package
TSKB Municipal Infrastructure Project-Accompany Measures- Training Program
Resources Survey on International Training Courses in Turkey
Erdemli Water Supply Project
Data Collection Survey in Agricultural Sector in GAP Region
Technical Assistance and Supervision for Erzurum Water and Wastewater Project-Capacity Building and Modernization Services Component
Feasibility, Preliminary Design and Preparation of IPA Application Package for Kütahya Waste Water Treatment Project
Tunceli SWM Union - Decision Support System Training for Solid Waste Management
Project Implementation Support Services including Design & Supervision of Bodrum Water Project
Kütahya Ilıca and Yoncalı Sewerage and Stormwater Project
The Industrial Automation Technology (IAT) Extension Project for Central Asian / Middle East Countries
Preparation of Tender Dossier for Water and Wastewater Master Plan for Ankara
Ex-post Evaluation and Preparation of Implementation Completion Report of the Second Ulaanbaatar Services Improvement Project
Water Supply and Sanitation Investment Program Multi- Tranche Financing Facility in Azerbaijan- Capacity Building and Project Management Component
Technical and Financial Feasibility of Bodrum Water and Wastewater Project
Local Environmental Action Plan - Financial Component - Mardin and Aksaray
Financial and Tender Procedure Review of Konya Metropolitan Municipality
Expost Evaluation of Kayseri Investment Program financed by AFD
Preparation of Preliminary Design and Procurement Documents for Konya and Balıkesir SWM projects
Ereğli (TR) Integrated Solid Waste Management Project TA services for IPA Application Package Preparation including Feasibility, Design and Tender Dossier
Project Management and Solid Waste Management for Tunceli Municipal Staff
Consultancy Services for JICA ODA Loan Project (2 subsequent contracts)
TA for Enhancement of Traffic Management and Environmental Safety in Turkish Ports and Coastal Areas
Azerbaijan Integrated Solid Waste Management Training
Kuşadası (TR) Regional Solid Waste Management Project, Capacity Building, procurement and Financial Services
Consultancy Services for JBIC ODA Loan Project (2 subsequent contracts)
Human Resources and Organizational Development Program in Batman, Siirt and Van Municipalities
Support to the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works for Capacity Improvement for Flood Forecasting and Flood Control in the TR-BG CBC Region under the 2006 CBC Programme between Turkey and Bulgaria
Van - Çatak district solid waste management system improvement and development of a Recycling and composting system
Environmental Management Plans for Old SW Dumps Sites in Istanbul
Feasibility and design review for various infrastructure projects in Malatya, Konya, and Sivas
Feasibility and Design Review for Drinking water Network of Tunceli Municipality
Feasibility and Design for Hozat Drinking Water Network Project
Consulting Services for WB Ankara Office for Municipal Loan Projects
Japan’s Grant Assistance for ODA (Official Development Assistance) Grassroots Projects
DER-KAB Integrated Solid Waste Management Project
Angora Mass Housing WWTP for Re-use
İzmir Metro - Consultant’s Services for Technical and Operational Due Diligence and Project Preparation
DER-KAB (Tunceli) Solid Waste Union Integrated Solid Waste Management Project
Angora Mass Housing WWTP for Re-use