Project Management

Having multiple experiences in multiple sectors provides us to offer an added value to our project management performance. We are using our international knowledge and experience to produce the best solutions at local at every stage of the projects from planning to implementation.


Our team having wide experience of working with various international finance Institutions and Development Organizations is specialized in international procurement rules providing services and training in this field. Providing project implementation and procurement support to Project Implementation Units formed by International Finance Institutions are our one of core activities.

Procurement planning and implementation
Tender Dossier Preparation
Cost Estimations
Tender Evaluation and Reporting

Contract Management

Aqwadem team provides various services under contract management field offering the deep knowledge and experience in FIDIC and similar international contract conditions.


We offer effective supervision services to our Clients by combining our engineering and contract management related knowledge and experience.


We provide complete engineering solutions especially in the fields of water, wastewater and solid waste with our specialized team ranging from planning, feasibilities, design, to implementation supervision and quality control.

Environmental and Social Assessments

Environmental and social assessment in accordance to the international requirements:

Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Management Plans; preparation, monitoring and evaluation.
Health and Safety
Social Impact Assessments

Monitoring and Evaluation

Determination of Key Indicators
Preparation of M&E; Plan,
Conduction Monitoring and Evaluation,
Ex-post Evaluation

Utility Management Consultancy

Management of Water and Waste Utilities, institutional development and capacity building studies compose one of our core activities :

Institutional Development and Re-organization
Strategic Development
Process Analysis and Development
Performance Improvement: measures for efficiency and cost effectiveness
Human Resources Development and Management,
Billing and Collection,
Asset Management and Capital Investment Planning,
Recording and Reporting Systems, Management Information Systems Analysis and Improvement
Project Managment- Integration of Project Management Organization
Financal Management and Tariff Studies

Financal Management and Tariff Studies

Financial Analysis and Improvement of especially Infrastructure Utilities
Affordability Analysis
Tariff Studies o Cost Recovery Tariff Setting o Tariff Setting with Polluter Pays Principle

Private Sector Participation / Public Private Partnerships

Private Sector Participation Models in Water and Waste sectors, determination of the feasible models/options and procurement/privatization consultancy.

Social Fund Management

Social Funds (in terms of grants,micro-credits, etc) designing and implementation
Project Appraisal and Implementation
Development of Operational Guidelines
Our team of experts has extensive experience in income generating activities development.

Capacity Building

We offer capacity building services for Public and Private Infrastructure Utilities, Municipalities and Project Implementing Organizations. In addition to project based services, we aim to support the capacity building of the organizations also by continuous training opportunities with open participation announcements through Aqwadem Academy.

Due Diligence

is one of our field of service that we offer to investors and Financial Institutions especially related to environmental, technical, operational and financial components.

Non-Revenue Water

We serve water utilities also in NRW analysis and reduction strategies development and implementation. Our specialization is related to Commercial / Apparent losses.

Energy Efficiency

Especially related to Infrastructure systems.

Climate and Climate Planning

Climate change, adaptation strategy and planning activities especially for urbans and infrastructure operations; lower carbon emission growth strategies and planning studies; green growth planning; sector analysis...

Surveys and Polls

Computer aided surveys with various scopes in the sectors we are active.

Sectoral Reporting:

Due Diligence and Reporting
Strategy Development

Speciality Areas

Water Supply and Distribution
Water Quality Management
Wastewater collection
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Integrated Solid Waste Management
Energy Efficiency of the water and waste systems
Institutional Strengthening and Organizational Development of Water and Waste Utilities
Capacity Building and Human Resources Development
Commercialization of the Utilities
Metering and Meter Reading
Billing and Collection Procedures
Customer Management
Non-Revenue Water
Tariff Studies
Financial Management
Asset Management and Capital Investment Planning
Records and Information Management
Environmental Impact Assessments
Environmental Site Assessment
Environmental Management Plans
Environmental and Social Action Plans
Local Environmental Action Plans
Climate Change Action Plans
Energy Efficiency Studies
Rural Development / Community Based Development
Social Funds
Grant Programs
Income Generating Activities
Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
NGO Programs
Local Administrations
Public Sector Development